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Metron industries was established in the year 2002, with the sole motive to give comfortable and healthy sleeping systems, so that you are very much fresh and blooming in the morning. Initially, we were catering the demands and requirement of elite people, like Business Magnets, Film personalities, Top Executives and Bureaucrats, Builders, Star Hotels, Hostels, Elite Hospitals. Now we have spanned our marketing on all India basis, meeting the demands of all and one, with high-quality bedding products of world class quality and comfort. Most of our ingredients and raw-materials are imported from Germany, Turkey, Korea, Thailand, Belgium, China, Japan, etc. We acquired the manufacturing technology from European countries, to match with the latest trend in international Market. Our company has a wide range of international products.

For wearied bodies and worried minds, which are under heavy pressure from modern work and life style, it is very necessary to have a soothe and sound sleep, which only Metron Sleeping system can offer. A person spends his one-third life in bed, so it is absolutely essential to have a comfortable and sound sleep to rejuvenate the sole and body.

Our company is duly accredited by CE ISO 9001-2008.
We have an exclusive and wide range of Luxury Mattresses & Bedding Accessories. We are also exporting some of our products to various countries and we have received applauds from our clients.

Our Strength
We believe a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be elusive. Studies show that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, and yet the average mattress contains (rebounded scrap foam and coir) a cocktail of toxic chemicals, bacteria’s, germs that can lead to long term diseases, skin irritations, and respiratory problems. Our all products are good for health and meet international standards. We are widest bedding range manufacturer in the Asia. We have an exclusive and wide range of luxury mattresses and bedding accessories. We are also exporting some of our products to various countries and have received applauds from our clients.

Metron stands for highest sleep comfort.
With a vision to provide a better quality of life to our customers, we at Metron offer premium quality customized and innovative products. We have created a unique Climate Comfort System, which allows our products to create an optimal sleeping climate and the highest sleeping comfort. We make high quality sleeping products according to the individual requirements and preferences of the customers. Some of the most important features that we incorporate to create optimal climate comfort are:

Moisture regulation
Pressure relief
We understand that every customer requires healthy and relaxing sleep. To make this happen, we at Metron, strive to develop, manufacture and sell the best quality products with a customer friendly service.
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