1. What’s inside a mattress?
A typical mattress is composed of multi layers: an upholstery layer (padding) and a inner comfort block layer. The upholstery layer is largely responsible for the firmness of the mattress, while the inner block layers offers support and some flexibility. Thicker mattresses typically have thicker upholstery layers that are made from a variety of materials such as natural fibers, different types of foam (including memory foam and latex foam), and different man-made materials. Some mattresses even have padding that is made from silk, cashmere, or wool.

2. What are the measurements of each mattress size and which ones are available?
In international market Mattresses come in 7 international standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king that come in the following dimensions: and can be made to order.

  • Twin: 39” x 75”
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Full XL: 54” x 80”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”
  • California King: 72” x 84”

We carry all of these mattress sizes in our inventory. Besides of this we manufacture Indian and customized sizes as per requirement.

3. How often should I replace my mattress?
While it is recommended that you replace your mattress at least once every 5 – 7 years, there is no cut-and-dry number for every mattress and every individual. The quality of your mattress is one of the many factors that determine how long it will last. Higher-quality mattresses will generally provide a comfortable night’s sleep longer than low-quality mattresses. Aim for the recommended 5 – 7 year replacement period, but if your mattress begins to feel uncomfortable sooner than that you should have it replaced in order to ensure a high quality of sleep.

4. When should I turn or rotate a mattress and how many times should it be done?
For best results, it is recommended that you rotate a brand new mattress once every week until it is sufficiently broken in. After that point, you should aim to rotate your mattress once every months, or as specified in the manufacturer’s warranty that comes along with your mattress.

5. How long will a mattress last?
Most mattresses can last for many years, but the older a mattress gets, the less comfortable it becomes. The useful life of a mattress depends in large part on the quality of the materials used in its upholstery and comfort layers. Mattresses that are made from quality memory foam and latex foam typically last longer than mattresses that are made from cheaper materials. Even the highest-quality mattresses should typically be replaced every 5 – 7 years for maximum comfort and quality of sleep.

6. How do I clean a mattress?
A mattress should be regularly cleaned in order to remove dirt and dead skin cells that slough off during your sleep. In order to protect your mattress, don’t hose it down or drench it in water. Instead, vacuum it off regularly with an upholstery attachment, and then use upholstery shampoo to remove any oils or dirt from the surface of the mattress. Be sure to test your shampoo on a small area of the mattress to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage before shampooing the entire thing. Allow the mattress to thoroughly dry before using it.

7. What are the differences between foam and traditional innerspring mattresses?
Innerspring mattresses are typically less expensive than foam mattresses and are a good choice for individuals or families who are on a tight budget. A foam mattress is typically more comfortable and is generally a better choice for individuals who suffer from back, neck, or hip pain. Innerspring mattresses are designed to provide support, and each spring pushes upwards with the same amount of force. A foam mattress helps to distribute a person’s body weight evenly across the surface of the mattress, helping to reduce pressure points and deliver a more comfortable night’s sleep.

8. How to decide what mattress firmness is right for me?
Some individuals prefer a firm mattress that has very little padding, while others can’t sleep unless they feel like they are lying down on a cloud. In order to decide what mattress firmness is right for you, lie down on a mattress for at least 10 – 15 minutes. If you can clearly feel pressure on certain parts of your body at the end of that time, then the mattress is too firm for you. If you feel like parts of your body sink too far into the mattress, then it is probably too soft for you. The ideal mattress should be firm enough to support your weight without causing excess pressure on any part of your body.

9. How to recycle your old mattress?
When your mattress has reached the end of its life, you are left with the question of how to dispose of it properly. Recycling your old mattress is an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of it, and it is a fairly simple process due to the fact that mattress recyclers are becoming more common. Conduct an online search or look through your local yellow pages to find mattress recycling facilities near you.

10. Do I need to purchase a new box spring?
A box spring is designed to support a mattress and help it to retain its shape. However, some mattresses do not require a box spring, or you may be able to use a box spring that you already have when you are purchasing a new mattress. Memory foam mattresses do not need a box spring, but traditional innerspring mattresses do. If you have any questions about whether or not you need to purchase a new box spring along with your mattress, be sure to talk to one of our friendly representatives when you are shopping for a new mattress.

11. I suffer from allergies, are your mattresses an allergic?
All our maximum products are made from anti allergic materials and even few materials are certified OEKO TEX (which certifies that all materials used in mattress production are harmless for man and the environment). We advise allergy sufferers NOT to use products with springs

12. I have backache, what type of mattress do you advise me to use?
In general, there is no hard and fast rule for a particular mattress. There are many reasons for backache. Mattress is one of them. It is better to take advice for orthopedic doctor. He will diagnose the reason then we should replace the mattress with it. Now these days many options are available with us.

13. I suffer the heat a lot, which product would you recommends?
All our products are highly breathable since they are made from newer generation materials. Open cell materials which allow for the circulation of air and guarantee greater breathability. We advise you to choose a product covered with OUTLAST, COOLMAX, or ORGNIC COTTON fabric

14. Which is the best type of mattress?
Mattresses are the personalized product. We all people are different. Our weight, age, looks even our sleeping habbits . There is no such thing as the best mattress in absolute terms, but there is an ideal mattress for you. Metron offers you a wide range of products to satisfy any different kind of needs. So in here you can surely find the best mattress for you.

15. How come there are so many mattress types?
To respond to everyone’s particular needs. We are all different from each other and so a mattress must be able to meet the individual requirements of each one of us. Metron offers you a huge range of products to satisfy any different kind of needs. So in here you can surely find the best mattress for you.

16. How often must a mattress be replaced?
If you consider that each adult loses about a quarter of a litre of body moisture during the night, it is advisable to regularly replace a mattress every 7 years. There are other warning signs that the time has come for a change, such as backache when just out of bed or sore limbs. Metron products gives Limited Warranty for 10 years, thanks to the quality materials used in their production and their remarkable breathability, which keeps the mattress fresh, hygienic and high performing for longer.

17. What guarantee do you give on your products?
Metron products are guaranteed up to 10 years limited warranty(use and care applied), thanks to the quality materials used in their production and their remarkable breathability, which keeps the mattress fresh, hygienic and high performing for longer.

18. How should I look after my mattress? Does it need any sort of maintenance?
Ideally, the bedroom should be a fresh and dry environment. On getting up in the morning, the mattress should be left uncovered to air for a few minutes. It is also advisable to regularly rotate the mattress from head to foot, to prevent pressure being exercised in the same places; this operation should be carried out twice a month and especially in the case of a double mattress, particularly where partners are of different weights. We advise against turning the mattress over when its structure varies from one side to another since this could negatively affect mattress comfort.

19. What size should a mattress be?
A mattress should be 20 cm longer than the person using it to ensure a good night’s rest.

20. Is there a mattress size that everyone should use? What is the most popular size?
There is no “one-size-fits-all” in mattresses. A teen, for example, may be able to use a twin size bed or may be more comfortable with a queen. If you sleep with a partner, you will certainly require a different size mattress than a child.

King size mattresses are the most popular at the moment; but, if you have room for a larger size, you will be more comfortable with that.

Try graduating from a 75” x 72” to a 72” x 78” or a 78” x 80” .

The additional space will help you sleep like a king or a queen.

21. How much money should I spend on a mattress?
A good-quality mattress is an investment that gives you tremendous return. When you are rested, your mind functions better, your memory is sharper, and you can be sure you won’t fall asleep on the job, in class, or while driving. You can get a quality mattress that will last you for years to come, and provide you with the sleep you need to be at your best. Invest in the best quality mattress that you can afford. Less expensive mattresses may seem like a bargain, but they may not provide the comfort, support and durability necessary for a great night’s sleep.

22. It better to shop online, go to a showroom or call to buy my bed?
That depends on what’s most important to you. Do you need to test the product first, or can you determine what you want by looking at a picture of the product? www.metronindia.com offers you a virtual showroom for your convenience but we also have locations around India where you can try out mattresses. To find the location nearest you, just click here.

23. How can i contact to sleep expert?
If you prefer to shop from your home and have questions, we have expert available 24/7 to help you choose the perfect bed for you! Call us toll free at …..1800-180-3672

24. Qualities of a good mattress? What should I do before I shop for a new mattress?
In order to find the perfect bed for your needs, there are several questions you will need to consider. First, what size bed do you need? If the bed is for a child or a dormitory room, a twin size might be fine. If the bed is normally used by two people, the smallest size to consider is a full size. Queen size and king size beds provide considerably more room and comfort for the sleepers; however, you must also consider the size of the room.

Will you need a mattress and box spring set, or just a mattress only to be used on a platform bed? The next consideration is how you want the bed to feel as far as comfort is concerned.

Do you want the bed to be firm, with very little cushioning, or do you want it to be very plush, like sleeping on several comforters?

Once you can answer these questions and have some idea of how much you want to invest in your mattress, you are ready to Call, Click, or Visit a dealer to find the perfect bed for you!

25. How long do mattresses last and how often should they be replaced?
Traditionally, mattresses should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. The life of a mattress can be impacted by many factors, including the height and weight of the sleeper(s) and whether or not it is supported by a proper frame and foundation, and even the climate that you live in. If the mattress is abused by standing or jumping on it, or if a double-sided mattress is not turned as recommended by the manufacturer, you may need to replace the mattress sooner. Ultimately, if you wake up feeling stiff and sore, and you can’t identify any other causes; you might want to think about replacing your mattress. Your lifestyle and your body may undergo rapid changes, and that may mean that your mattress should change, too. As a rule, if your mattress sags or is worn and lumpy, you should think about replacing it.

And you can ask yourself this question: Would a new mattress help me sleep better?

26. How sleep is affected by a mattress?
Lifestyle factors – age, physical activity, smoking, and illness – are all important. However, your mattress is the most important factor in determining the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should support you and be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in one position all night, without the tossing and turning that is caused by pressure points. Restless sleep or waking up with aches in your arms, legs and back is a sure sign that your mattress is not helping you get the rest you need.

27. Does a couple need a particular mattress size?
As a rule, a king or a queen-size mattress provides the most room and the best comfort.

You might want to consider a mattress that minimizes sleep disturbances when either of you move during the night. Our mattresses are constructed to minimize the impact of partners moving.

You should both evaluate a potential mattress purchase. A spacious mattress will help you sleep better and you’ll both be more rested in the morning.

28. Do children need a particular mattress?
For babies, a crib with a firm, tight-fitting mattress is crucial to the infant’s health and safety. Make sure the crib has adequate support for the mattress, so that the bedding can’t be easily dislodged. This is a very important consideration, since babies spend almost three-quarters of their time asleep and toddlers spend half their time sleeping.

As your children grow older, they will be ready to graduate to a twin bed. The rules of comfort and support apply here. Children need 8-10 hours of sleep per night. A mattress that allows them to sleep comfortably without tossing and turning will give them the restful sleep they need to grow up healthy.

It’s better to buy a new mattress for a child, rather than passing him or her your old mattress when you buy a new one. If a mattress is no longer comfortable for you, chances are it will not be comfortable for your child.

29. How often should do I need to rotate my mattress?
If you watch TV on bed then you need to rotate mattress very frequently. And if you have a two-sided mattress, rotating it minimizes the impressions your body leaves and makes your mattress more resilient and resistant to wear and tear, because you are using all the sleeping surfaces. Two-sided mattresses should be “flipped” once every two weeks for the first three months and once every two months thereafter. The first time, turn it over so the top surface is now resting on the foundation. The next time, just spin the mattress from head to toe, leaving the same surface in contact with the foundation. Alternate these two procedures every two months and you can expect a long life from your mattress.

For a one sided mattress you should turn it from Head to Toe side every 2 weeks for the first 3 months then every three month to equalize the body impressions.

30. We have never heard of Metron Mattress before?
Metron was the pioneer manufacturer of exclusive custom made speciliased mattresses manufacturer in india .Metron has been quietly helping discerning buyers like Five Star Hotels & Homeowners with their best night’s sleep .

It is not a mass market brand and therefore is available and advertised very selectively all over India.

31. What is so special or different between a Metron and other Mattress brands?
Metron is a niche’ high end mattress which provides more comfort, hygiene , better orthopedic support & longer durability than other mass market brands . Each mattress is custom made in the main factory and then home delivered all over India rather than mass market brands which execute cut & paste jobs in city based small workshops to deliver a special sized mattress the next day .

It is the preferred brand for the discerning buyer.

32. I have a back pain? Which mattress should I use?
There are many reasons for back pain. Some of the common reasons are poor posture, tension, pulled muscles or a slip disc. A proper mattress will go a long way in reducing your level of discomfort.

Latex/Memory/Coir Foam Mattresses on their own do not offer the adequate Firm support from beneath.

Inner Coil Spring Mattresses resist weight sink in the mattress by providing an interactive upward orthopedically correct support aligned to your body.

Therefore the best mattress to provide a luxurious comfort to help you sleep faster & provide the right orthopedic support is a good quality Medium Firm mattress .

Also Firmness is subjective and personalized comfort preferences can be adjusted later on – to a more Firm feel by using a ‘Firm Pad’ or a softer plusher feel by using a ‘Mattress Topper’ or ‘Mattress fibre Pads’.

33. What is the difference between different types of foam: PU Foam, Latex foam, Memory foam and Memory Gel foam?
PU Foam is a petroleum based product. Natural latex is created from liquid tapped from rubber trees. Even though it does not resist weight like metal coils, it does spring back to provide a resilient, springy, comfortable surface, where as Memory Foam is a petroleum based product & can take 10-60 seconds to recover. All only memory foam mattresses users often complain of a trapped sinking feel & a higher sweat factor.

Memory Gel Foams are new additions but tend to break down faster on a mattress surface because of low load bearing & resilience quality.

34. Should we be confident of the quality?
The company has been operating in the toughest market – Supplying to the Five Star hotels who are professional buyers with stringent quality controls for the last twenty years on a repeat basis

35. It is expensive!
A good quality mattress is a wise investment for a good night’s sleep. Appreciate we spend a third of life in Bed and deserve the best.

Quilted slabs of foam or coir naturally cost less but do not provide the right comfort or support.

Newer technologies & products are available now just like in every product category.

As a onetime investment for the next 10 years , the per night cost difference works out to no more than a few Rs. between a regular mass market well known brand and a custom manufactured niche’ mattress brand like Metron.

36. How will you provide the service? Do you have service centres in my town?
In case of any product feedback you can always get in touch with the company on a Toll free 1- 800 – 180 – 3672 number or email us at customercare@Metron.com where product specialists would discuss & try to resolve your issues

Thereafter if needed local dealer’s support staff or a company official will provide you the desired help & resolve the issues .

37. What is the 3D band(used in side walls) for?
The 3D band is one of the latest innovations in the field of mattresses. The three dimensional structure of the fabric ensures that the mattress has excellent internal breathability. This is why it is almost always placed at the centre of the mattress because it is the part of the mattress which is most difficult to ventilate. This solution improves the ventilation of the mattress.

38. Why does your mattress cost more than our domestic products?
In recent years, the mattress manufacturing industry has witnessed a boom with new firms entering the market. Many of these firms offer products at knockdown prices because they decide to use inferior quality materials so that their mattresses are neither anatomic nor ergonomic and have a poor performance. Our advice is to consider carefully before making this purchase because we all spend a third of our lives asleep and the quality of our rest influences our performance for the whole day. If rest is not regenerating and refreshing, this may lead in the long term to a drop in attention, headaches, reduced memory capacity and a lowered immune defense system. Our organisms are regenerated when we rest.

39. Why does your mattress cost less than some others produced by international mattress producers?
We are the leading and growing mattress manufacturer in specialized field and listed in the best product for health category in ISPA. It produces only good for health products. Its position enables it to buy extremely high quality materials and manufacture International products at competitive prices. It is therefore able to offer its clients an exclusive quality rest at reasonable prices

40. Which mattress is the best?
The “best” mattress for you is the one that keeps you comfortable and well supported, and gives you a great night’s sleep.

Also remember that mattresses tend to gradually lose their comfort & support but should continue to give you adequate sleep support for at least 7-10 years.

Some mattresses might feel equally good initially but tend to deteriorate very quickly over the next few years .

We have been continuously researching and incorporating feedbacks to build the right mattresses for our customers.

We have weeded out the models that do not give our customers true value.

When you order us , you can feel confident that every model is the best value available, regardless of the price point.

41. Didn’t find the answer?
Please use the form below, to tell us your queries.

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